Mercedes Benz Terminology Explained

Have you ever noticed that Mercedes-Benz has some interesting terminology for their vehicles? For example, 4MATIC, 4 Door Coupe, Cabriolet, and more. Let’s break down what these terms mean so you can be an informed buyer! 


  • AMG – This is the name of the Mercedes Benz performance division. Each AMG is a sportier, more powerful model and some are even handcrafted. 

  • Cabriolet – Simply put, it means convertible…in French. 

  • Roadster – This is where it gets a little confusing, this also stands for a convertible for Mercedes Benz however this one is a 2 door 2 seat car with a convertible roof. 

  • EQ Boost – Some TurboCharged Mercedes Benz engines have this Hybrid System added to them. It generates electric power as the TurboCharger is spooling up which in return provides smooth acceleration for you.


  • 4MATIC – This is what Mercedes Benz calls their All Wheel Drive systems. 


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